Win a Zortrax M200 3D Printer!!

Expand your workshop by adding another Zortrax M200!

To celebrate launch of the Zortrax Model Library, we’ve prepared a contest for all our users! It requires creativity and some 3D skills. To enter simply log in or register to the Library, enter your model with the #Contest2015 tag and wait until October the 12th for the results.


For more details on the contest, click HERE!

Discover Zortrax Model Library

Discover Zortrax Model Library & Download Free Files for Robotic Arm

Zortrax Model Library is a part of the Z-Suite Software and it allows you to store and share your 3D models within the application. We’ve designed this functionality to improve workflow in your workshop and bring all necessary tools to one place – the 3D printer, printing materials, software and 3D projects.

Zortrax Model Library is easily accessible – simply download Z-Suite software update, go to the Library tab, register your account and start adding your projects!

The Robotic Arm could be your first downloaded model! Get free 3D files together with the assembly manual – you will find it in the Library.


Zortrax Z-Firmware V0.0.7 Available to Download

New update for Z-Firmware is now available on Zortrax Support Center.
Discover new features and fixes:

• Introducing Sleep Mode. Printer will now turn off heating, motors and extruder fans to reduce noise and power usage. Sleep Mode is activated when the 3D printer stays without any user action for 15 minutes.
• Bed heating time improved.
• Changing colors of the LEDs (red – heating, purple – Sleep Mode, white – other).
• System failures will be recognized and displayed (eg. SD card error, abnormal temperature rise, mechanical issues, perforated plate issues).
• File name of the finished model will be always displayed after print.
• Only files from the main directory on SD card will be available for print.
• Improvements for Z-GLASS and upcoming new materials.
• Many other minor changes and fixes.

To install Z-Firmware on your 3D printer please upload file update.bin on SD card. Insert SD card to card slot in the printer and turn on the machine. Your firmware will automatically be installed.

Download Z-Firmware Update

The Top 10 3D Printers Under $2,500 by 3D Printing Industry

3D Printing Industry Lists their top 10 3D Printers under $2500

By Michael Molitch-Hou On Wed, September 2, 2015

While price is an important factor when purchasing a desktop 3D printer, an even more important factor is quality. So, a number of consumer could potentially afford one of the top 10 3D printers below $1,000 recently rated by 3DPI, many of our readers noted that such low prices may warrant low quality, as well. Consider this, then, a list of printers that get the most bang out of your buck, the top 10 3D printers below $2,500.

Four of the printers on this list are available from Octave Systems:

Zortrax M200
Afinia H480
Flashforge Creator Pro
PrintrBot Plus V2

To read the entire article, Click HERE

ZDNet Must Read!! Advanced filament is key to 3D printing revolution

Polymaker CEO argues that better filament, and not necessarily better desktop machines, will unlock the disruptive potential of 3D printing.

By Greg Nichols for Robotics | August 26, 2015 — 10:35 GMT (03:35 PDT) | Topic: Innovation

An entrepreneur friend of mine likes to tell the story of the time he met a very rich man. Impressed by the guy’s car, clothes, and companion, my friend wanted to know what the man did for a living. The rich man said he sold a product to Wal-Mart. My friend wanted to know what he sold — clothes, electronics, housewares? The man dismissed all these with a chuckle and a wave. “No one gets rich that way,” he said. “You know the boxes Wal-Mart uses to ship all that stuff? I make the glue that holds them together.”

I thought about that story the other day during a phone call with Xiaofan Luo, founder of the Chinese company Polymaker, which makes filament for 3D printers.

To read the complete article, click HERE

Zortrax Z-Filament Functionality

Zortrax Materials Functionality

Z-ABS functionalities

Z-ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a versatile material characterized by medium impact strength and durability. Thanks to its features this thermoplastic polymer has a wide range of applications. Users can choose from a broad selection of colors. It is perfect for printing small elements, concept models and prototypes. Its properties make the material suitable for post-processing, the surface of Z-ABS models can be easily smoothed out with acetone as it is shown in the acetone vaporizing article

Z-ABS was used to print Rubik’s Cube as this type of material is available in many colors and perfect for creating models for displays. Choosing Z-ABS to print this model provides the model is colorful, resistant and good-looking.


Z-ULTRAT functionalities

Z-ULTRAT is the most durable material recommended especially for printing large models, even lifelike ones and those that are assembled from many elements. Can be used for iterative testing and producing end-use parts. Suitable for various methods of post-processing like sanding, polishing, vaporizing and more.

A perfect example of a model that was printed from Z-ULTRAT is the Mighty Cube – a square-shaped object that was printed without using support. The print was very complex and consisted of many thin elements which could possibly result in higher brittleness and being prone to deformations. Thanks to the use of Z-ULTRAT the lines were strong enough to hold the whole construction, so the print was defect-free and kept its initial shape.


Z-GLASS functionalities

Z-GLASS is a thermoplastic copolyester glass fiber blend which provides high tensile strength, abrasion and resistance to high temperatures, the material doesn’t react with substances like acids, alkalis and salts. The innovative formula of material allows printing semitransparent and glass-like elements. It is durable and has very low level of shrinkage which makes it perfect for printing mechanical parts like pulleys, screws and nuts. Printing from Z-GLASS requires the use of Hotend V2 in Zortrax M200 3D Printer.

This material was used to print a screwdriver which is a small and precise element. Z-GLASS properties allowed to create an object which is translucent and the light inside the object is visible through the surface.


Z-HIPS functionalities

Z-HIPS (high impact polystyrene) is a durable, impact-resistant material. Thanks to its very low shrinkage level it is suitable for large sized prints and objects that consist of many elements, especially electronics and industrial machine covers, provided they don’t require UV resistance. Perfect for gluing, sanding, spackling and sandblasting.


One of the examples where Z-HIPS properties were used to obtain such good results was a stool. This model consists of many parts which were easily assembled, yet resistant making the stool perfect for everyday use. Creating this life-size item was possible due to the low level of shrinkage together with high tensile strength as these properties provide durability of the object.

Print Cost Calculator in Zortrax Z-Suite Software

Zortrax has launched the Print Cost Calculator in Zortrax Z-Suite software. This new feature allows you to estimate the cost for the single print. Check out new option ->

Gain more control over printing process. The ‘Print cost calculator’ in Z-Suite software allows you to estimate the cost for single print. To calculate your print cost simply type the cost of spool and material usage and press ‘Calculate’ button.


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